Gender: Female
Age: 35
Town: Durham
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: 1
Hair Colour: red
Build: slight
Height: 5'9"-5'11"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: divorced/separated
Looking for: both friendship and dating
Service: No. I am a Civilian

I’m Roxy, recently qualified as a fitness personal trainer and I’m also a part time model. I am originally not from the UK, so I served abroad. This site only has options for uk ex forces only not for any other so I couldn’t add it on I live in England now. Feel free to email, I’m friendly and down to the Earth person P.S I’m not exchanging with body parts pictures and I’m not making sexchats. If you are after that then you better skip to the next profile. Also, I have got a kid living with me and I’m still married but separated and going to get a divorce soon ( if someone has got issues with that)

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