Gender: Female
Age: 46
Town: Bolton
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: unspecified
Children: none
Hair Colour: red
Build: large
Height: 5'6"-5'8"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: in a relationship
Looking for: just friendship
Service: No. I am a Civilian

hello :o) I hate these "describe yourself" things, never know what to put.. Ok, so where to start...Well I was born in 1973... only kidding! ;P Seriously though, I've lived all over the country and had lots of different and interesting jobs. Pizza franchisee, bar manager, mental health care worker.. even a stint as a Pontin's Blue Coat! No stranger to hard work and long and late hours, but I'm self employed and work from home these days, so I'm usually online at daft-o-clock in the morning. When I'm not working I enjoy reading, going to the cinema - love a good action flick - nights out with friends on the karaoke (hence the pic.. yeah, I know it's cheesy, but it's about having a laugh and enjoying yourself, right?). Also enjoy nights in chilling with a nice home cooked meal and good company. I'm no Gordon Ramsay or anything, but having a lot of friends/family with food intolerances I've learned to experiment and create interesting and healthy "alternative" foods. Italian, Caribbean, Moroccan, African, Indian.. I'll have a go at anything. In fact my friends tend to "arrange" things at my house so I'll do the food! Ha! Had some cracking summer evening parties in my garden. My best friend (who is a bloke BTW, known each other since we were both 6) says he would describe me as warm, friendly, funny ("haha" not peculiar - well ok, maybe my SOH is a little quirky..) but he says I'm kind and caring, and I do have a tendency to "mother" people. Oh, and apparently I've always got an answer for everything. (cheeky.. moi??!) Anyway, if you're that bored that you're still reading this tome, and you'll talk to any strange woman in the wee hours, drop me a PM or whatever.. I will always answer you. Might not be straight away if I'm busy working, but I will answer - it'd be rude not to.. (whatever happened to good manners?) TTFN xx

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