Gender: Male
Age: 45
Town: Deptford
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: unspecified
Hair Colour: dark brown
Build: medium
Height: 5'9"-5'11"
Ethnic Origin: black
Relationship: single
Looking for: just dating
Service: Army
Rank: Lance Corporal
On deployment: find out why.

I am a spontaneous human who likes to travel a lot and meet new people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you do not have the time to talk to another great HUMAN being: or YOU GOT ISSUES, that prevent you from replying to a NORMAL text THEN PLEASE: just get off the site and leave us battle scarred soldiers alone xx all I want is a decent continuous conversation and a great personality to talk to xxx LEAVE YOUR ANGER AND ISSUES FROM THE PAST OR WITHIN YOUR HOME. we all have issues but it is more polite NOT to take it out on others OR SOMEONE who is trying to get to know you xx after 22 years of service I want to be at peace with civilised civilian street x with a decent human being, who may oneday be my equal in the relationship area x as i am a tired down to eaeth war veteran z lol who just wants to have fun and a peaceful life. .END OFF x

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