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What can make it easier when your partner is deployed?

What can make it easier when your partner is deployed?

It's never easy when your partner is away from home, but if they are deployed, it can seem even harder to cope with. Not only do you have to deal with the fact that they are possibly thousands of miles away, things are made more difficult still because you can't call them throughout the day, they can be gone for months and they may be in dangerous situations.

This leaves you worrying about them while possibly also meaning you feel fairly alone. Even throwing yourself into normal activities isn't always easy, as you're always thinking about them in the back of your mind.

While there is no magical fix, apart from them finally getting home again, there are things you can do to make the distance a bit more bearable. Here are some ways you may be able to make the days until you see your partner again go much quicker:

Write regular letters

You may not be able to talk to your partner as much as you'd like, but sending them letters is a great way to let them know what you're up to and that you're thinking about them. Being deployed is tough on them too, so they are sure to appreciate being sent a little piece of home on a regular basis.

As well as telling them what you're up to, try and include photos of yourself, your family and any days out that you've told them about. This will help them to keep up with everything, but also make sure you have plenty to do when they're deployed.

Skype dates

If you do get a chance to talk to them, try and do so over Skype of Facetime. While hearing their voice is great, seeing their face can help you forget that they are so far away, if only for a few minutes.

This will also ensure you can see that they are safe and well, which will help alleviate some of your worries, if only for a little while.

It's important to remember, though, that they may not be able to talk to you regularly and they may not have much time when you do get a call. Don't let this upset you and just focus on the fact that you've been able to speak for them at least a little bit.

Keep busy

There's nothing worse that dwelling on your own thoughts and worries when your partner is deployed, so it's important to keep busy. As well as work and taking care of the house, make time for yourself and something you enjoy.

Whether you already have a hobby or try a new one, occupying your time will help stop you from thinking about how much you miss your partner every day. 

No matter what hobby you take up, it's also important not to feel guilty about enjoying yourself while they're away. They wouldn't want this and will probably be much happier hearing about what you've been getting up to.

See people

One of the best ways to cope while your partner is deployed is to see as much of your friends and family as you can. This will take your mind off their absence, ensure you have fun and could mean you're spending time with people who understand what you're going through.

Having people to talk to and just be with may not fill the hole left by your partner completely, but it will make it a bit more bearable. On top of this, you'll have more to tell them about in your letters and more photos to send to them.

Get chatting

Of course, if you really want to talk to people who understand what you're going through, you can make the most of Forces Penpals. Use our forum and chat room to meet other people who may be in a similar situation or who have advice for you based on experience.

The online community is there whenever you need them and you could end up making some lifelong friends who you can turn to whenever your partner is deployed.

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