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US woman fakes kidnapping to get day off work

US woman fakes kidnapping to get day off work

Everyone would like to get more time off work, but it is not always possible.

Usually, people will just accept this decision and move on with their lives.

However, Sheila Eubank is not like everyone else and she recently staged her own abduction in an effort to stay out of the office.

Ms Eubank claimed to be the victim of a knifepoint kidnapping by a drug dealer and said she was forced to drive around San Antonio, Texas for 12 hours with the man.

Police found her bound by rope in the back seat of her car and after investigating her claim, they discovered it was bogus.

It was at this point that Ms Eubank admitted making up the tale in order to get a day off work and some attention.

The lady can now look forward to a lot of time without a job, as she has been charged with aggravated perjury.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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