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Tube worker's Caribbean accent 'a hit with passengers'

Tube worker's Caribbean accent 'a hit with passengers'

A video of a worker on London's Tube network making an announcement to passengers in a Caribbean accent has become an internet hit.

The member of staff decided to shun the traditionally monotone nature of transport announcements when he took to the loudspeaker on the Victoria line recently.

"This train is for all de Brixton crew. Service update, everything irie, everything cris. Chill out, kick back, no need let anybody cramp your style," he said.

He then urged the driver to take the "beautiful people" to their destination, in a moment that was captured on camera.

More than 6,000 people have so far liked the video on Facebook, although some glum commuters are shown in the clip not even to raise a smile when the announcement is made.

We all know how boring travelling on the Tube can be, so we are definitely hoping to catch the same worker on our next journey.

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