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Thieves bungle Benny Hill-style robbery

Thieves bungle Benny Hill-style robbery

If people are going to commit a crime, they better make sure they have a watertight plan.

However, a pair of thieves from Northampton showed they have more in common with Benny Hill than a master criminal after bungling a robbery attempt on a sofa store.

After loading two settees into the back of their van in broad daylight, the idiots forgot to close the backdoors.

This allowed Sofa King store manager Justin Hallett to run out and take the seats back before the duo had a chance to make their getaway.

"We couldn't believe their audacity of just coming round the back of the store at our busiest time and brazenly loading the van with our sofas," owner Mark Kypta told the Daily Mail.

He added the whole situation is a bit bizarre and it just goes to show that some people are willing to chance their arms at anything.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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