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Tailor online profiles 'to be successful'

Tailor online profiles 'to be successful'

People need to tailor their online profiles to make sure they meet Mr or Mrs Right.

Individuals should make sure their message correctly conveys what type of person they are and also who they are after.

Failure to spend the requisite time on their profile could see single people end up on a succession of unsuccessful dates.

Single mum Siobhan McNally has been using the web to try to meet that special someone.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Ms McNally noted she did not spend enough time on her profile initially, until the error of her ways was pointed out and she changed it.

Among her top tips include looking at other profiles to see what type of information they are displaying and to not be afraid of organising a series of dates.

On top of this, letting the man choose the location of a first date is a good idea, as it gives a person the chance to evaluate a suitor.

Posted by Samantha Thompson

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