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Surviving Valentine’s Day during deployment

Surviving Valentine’s Day during deployment

Nothing is harder than figuring out what to do with yourself when Valentine’s Day comes around. We all know the heart wants what it wants, but when it comes to the partners and spouses of military personnel, the heart can’t get what it wants.

Just because they aren’t physically close to you doesn’t mean you should let V-Day bring your spirits down! Here are a couple of things you can do:

Go digital

You can’t celebrate in person, but don’t let that stop you from connecting with your special someone online. Set up a time for a video chat through Skype or Face Time. It is your hearts that are intertwined – the distance has nothing on your relationship.

Reclaim the day

Who says you can’t celebrate later? Sure you have sent out presents and goodies to your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on an actual date once they are back. The finest of wine, fancy dinner, or just a night out dancing. Think of what you would have done instead and let your partner know.

Find distractions

Use your family and friends as an escape. What do we do on days like Christmas? We don’t spend them being miserable, we just refocus on the people that love us. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spend the day with your old folks or make a plan with all your girlfriends.

Love yourself

Use the day to show yourself some love. You can’t be there for your partner or spouse in person, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something going for yourself. Book a day at the spa, watch a movie you love and eat comfort food that makes you happy. Take a break from your routine to give yourself the TLC you need.

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