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Study: 24% of women too busy with work for love

Study: 24% of women too busy with work for love

Some 24 per cent of women think they are too busy at work to find love.

Newly-released research shines a light on some of the problems people encounter when looking for the perfect partner and highlights how a lot of ladies do not think they can find enough time in the day for a relationship.

On top of this, 29 per cent of females admitted they did not like to go to clubs or bars to meet like-minded individuals.

These people could be better suited to online dating, as it gives them the opportunity to read profiles and make contact through email and on the phone before agreeing to meet face-to-face.

Other findings from the study include that one-third of both men and women do not have a big enough circle of friends to help them meet potential suitors, while 41 per cent of women admitted to still being in love with their ex-partner. 

Posted by Simon Williams

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