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Start your mowers!

Start your mowers!

Taking part in a grand prix must be a scary experience as there is a lot of adrenaline-filled activity.

When people think of motor racing, their minds usually turn to fast-paced cars on a well-designed circuit.

However, not many individuals will think about lawnmowers and the excitement that can be generated by the machines competing.

The annual British Grand Prix for Lawnmower Racing has taken place in Billingshurst, West Sussex and it saw some of the best lawnmower drivers in the UK turn up.

One of the racers, Daniel Jones, told Reuters: "Personally I love it. The wetter the better, but yeah it's a skill to ride in the mud. It's ... obviously a lot harder to control the machine in the wet."

There are three different categories - large tractor, sit-on buggy and machines with a grass-cutting box at the front - and who knows, the future Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button could be among those taking part!

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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