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Rocket the parrot 'is multilingual'

Rocket the parrot 'is multilingual'

One of the country's most unusual pets has been found in the shape of Rocket the parrot, who has been proven to speak in three different languages.

The bird, who lives with the Mahmood family in Oldham, is capable of words in Urdu, Arabic and English, albeit with an Asian accent.

Ehsaan Mahmood, 18, explained father Tariq used to keep parrots as pets when he lived in Pakistan and continued the hobby when he moved to the UK.

"We had a few smaller green parrots six or seven years ago but we've had Rocket for two years now. When we got him he could only say 'hello', but now he's got quite a vocabulary together," he explained.

It must be tremendous fun to have such an entertaining and friendly animal in the home, although the Mahmoods will surely make an effort not to divulge any secrets that could be repeated by the parrot.

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