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Princess Anne meets soldiers in royal visit

Princess Anne meets soldiers in royal visit

Princess Anne met soldiers during their passing out parade in Winchester this week.

Some 101 junior members of the armed forces were greeted by the Princess Royal in the barracks, the Hampshire Chronicle reports.

She is said to have acted as inspecting officer of the parade, speaking to members of their families and presenting awards to a number of soldiers at Sir John Moore Barracks.

The youngsters - aged between 16 and 17 - had undergone a 23-week initial training course and the news source says many of them had never spent time away from home before.

Recruit Fabian Cook said: "I have been terrified all day, but once I got out into the parade I was just proud."

Captain Neil Johnson expressed his pride at the troops and said they "are here to stay".

Many others may get the chance to meet with royalty, after it emerged Prince William has invited a number of soldiers to his upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton.

Posted by Trevor Smith

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