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Poundstretcher staff blow day’s takings at casino

Poundstretcher staff blow day’s takings at casino

After a long day working at the local Poundstretcher, when it comes to cashing up time, you’d probably be excited to get home for a well-deserved rest. Or, alternatively, you could take that money you’re cashing up and stick it all on red at your local casino.

Unbelievably, two optimistic staff members from the store’s Sunderland branch chose the second option. 

After cashing up at the store, Kieron Trott, 19, and Christopher Cameron, 48, decided it would be great idea to gamble the full day’s taking of £3,380 from the Poundstretcher store and put it all on one spin of the roulette wheel. 

No prizes for guessing what happened next! 

Once all the cash had - inevitably - been lost, the pair phoned their boss, told her what they’d done and then quit on the spot. 

In court, their evening jaunt was described as “grossly stupid”, with Cameron’s defence lawyer Ian Cassidy describing their actions as “almost like something out of a comedy”. 

Mr Cassidy explained: “Part of the routine is to check the cash that has been taken that day. They were joking, saying what would it be like if they took the money and gambled it. 

“Unbelievably, they persuaded themselves to do it. 

“They were seen transferring the cash into chips, then going to the table and putting it all on red. Lo and behold, it came up on black.”

Jason Smith, who was defending Trott, added: “They were saying, ‘Let's go and do this, we might make some money.’ How that would work is beyond me.”

Cameron and Trott are now repaying the money, with both of them being slapped with 12-month community orders and told to pay £110 each in costs. Trott has been directed to do 100 hours unpaid work, while Cameron will undertake 66 hours. 

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