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Police 'to be investigated over dog's statement'

Police 'to be investigated over dog's statement'

A police force is launching an investigation after officers were found to have filled in a witness statement in the name of a dog as a joke.

Law enforcers from West Midlands Police pinned the statement on the wall in a local station last week, but bosses have not seen the funny side, reports the Daily Mail.

It read: "I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy, Peach."

Unfortunately for the culprits, the statement soon appeared on social networking site Facebook, where it caught the attention of police chiefs.

DCI Julian Harper from West Midlands Police said the Professional Standards Department is now investigating the matter, which is thought to be the result of a misunderstanding.

Officials from the Crown Prosecution Service are believed to have complained to the police that the incident has seen the force become the butt of a very public joke.

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