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Online dating 'has never been easier'

Online dating 'has never been easier'

People who are keen to find love have been assured it has never been easier to secure a date with somebody over the web.

Julie Spira of has explained her belief that the "stigma has gone", in relation to online dating.

She is quoted by Cnet as noting Facebook has played a key role in making people happier to share information online, which in turn has led to a boom in web dating.

Ms Spira went on to recommend people are entirely honest when displaying themselves online, as putting up false photographs or lying about issues such as age will only come back to haunt them.

Honesty is also the best policy when it comes to declaring what somebody is looking for, even if that is as significant as marriage and children.

With Valentine's Day due to come around once again this week, Britons might have all the inspiration they need to turn to the web in their search for love.

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