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Online daters 'should avoid text speak'

Online daters 'should avoid text speak'

Single soldiers using online dating may wish to refrain from using text speak when putting together their personal profile.

This is because Amy Loudon, writing for the Independent, has claimed the method can be very off-putting for prospective partners.

The expert noted using this kind of diction is something many associate with teenagers using mobile phones - not adults looking for a serious relationship.

She said singletons should avoid the approach, regardless of whether it saves time or they think it makes them appear cool.

"Either way, it's not attractive and gives off the impression that you don't really care. So out with the slang and in with the Queen's proper English, please," Ms Loudon went on to state.

She added people should always use spell-check, as there is no excuse for sloppy grammar in this day and age.

In a recent article for Your Tango, Julie Spira advised singles to be proactive in online dating in order to bag a potential companion in time for Valentine's Day.

Posted by Samantha Thompson

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