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Nun caught stealing beer on CCTV

Nun caught stealing beer on CCTV

Nuns are known as respected figures in the community and will often have a high standing.

Their strong moral core means people will look up to them and expect them to be a guide for good behaviour.

However, a woman dressed in a nun's outfit has shown a lot of brass neck after being been found on CCTV stealing beer from a convenience store.

She is seen coyly walking up to the refrigerators, before slipping a couple of bottles into her gown and then making off without paying.

The YouTube clip of the incident has become something of sensation, racking up over 145,000 views in just four days.

Of course there is no way to know for certain if this lady was in fact a nun, but if she wasn't, then it is the perfect excuse, because not many people are likely to question the activities of a member of the cloth.

Posted by Simon Williams

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