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New gold plated iPhone 5 unveiled

New gold plated iPhone 5 unveiled

How much would you be willing to pay for an iPhone 5?

The new version of the handset was only released on September 21st and so is still very much in demand.

However, for those who feel like treating themselves, a limited edition £20,000 gold encrusted option has also been released.

Indeed, the makers of the 18-carat gold edition said: "This beautiful handset will take weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chassis of the iPhone in solid gold, all of which was started and finished by hand."

Over 100 versions of the mobile have been created by Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes so far and they are set to be very popular.

It certainly is bling and I can see why so many people would be interested in such a device.

Nevertheless, spending £20,000 on a phone does seem a bit over the top, even if it is such a beautiful creation!

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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