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Move over marvel, there’s a real Iron Man in town

Move over marvel, there’s a real Iron Man in town

A former Royal Marine has done what many only thought possible in comics. Richard Browning has created a jetpack that can deliver Iron-Man-like abilities to soldiers.

The jetpack can travel up to 50mph and could be put to use soon by the Royal Marines and the US Navy Seals. Browning says he’s in talks with both, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Four of the jets are placed on the wearer’s hands while the last one is planted onto the back. It has the same kind of power as a Bugatti Veyron supercar (a whopping 1,000 bhp).

The device uses five mini-jet engines to help the wearer propel themselves through the skies. Warfare’s changing nature is new to no one, and weapons need to constantly be updated.

Browning’s innovation could help forces gain an edge when they are in the field. Speaking with the media he said, “It’s clear to see how you could move a special forces soldier in a very nimble and fast way onto a target.”

Browning broke a flying suit speed record during a demonstration of the power his invention packed. The inventor isn’t just a former soldier, he’s also the CEO of Gravity Industries and has been working on such innovations for a while now.

A Ministry of Defence Spokesperson has also gone on record to say that emerging technology may be the key to keeping the military safe as they gain an edge in the field.

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