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Men 'need to be on best behaviour' on first dates

Men 'need to be on best behaviour' on first dates

Men need to show good manners when on dates if they want to be successful.

If a guy is meeting a lady for the first time in the flesh, then it is a good idea for him to showcase his best qualities.

This will impress the woman, which increases the chances of a long-term relationship developing.

According to an article in the Canadian, men should steer away from talking solely about their interests when on a first date, as the opposite sex are unlikely to want to spend all night talking about sports.

As well as this, guys should at least try to pay for the whole bill when drinking or dining out, as this will show them in a good light.

Indecision will also not come across as a particularly attractive quality, so men should not be afraid of leading from the front on a date.

"The whole 'Where do you want to go?', 'No, where do YOU want to go?' thing is just immature," the paper stated.

Posted by Samantha Thompson

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