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Man shares his bed with pet snakes

Man shares his bed with pet snakes

Most people like to keep pets, as they think it is nice to have them around the house for some company.

However, Emmanuel Tangco seems to love his animals a bit more than the average person.

Indeed, the zoo owner from the Philippines has taken the drastic step of letting his snakes sleep in his bed at night and even reads them bedtime stories!

A series of photos have been released that show Mr Tangco using the reptiles as a scarf and he seems to love nothing more than getting up close and personal with them.

In one, the man has been pictured standing in a pool at his zoo wrapped in five snakes, while onlookers watch the event in shock and awe.

The Chinese Year of the Snake gets underway on February 10th and Mr Tangco seems to be ideally placed to enjoy the next 12 months.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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