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Man goes 'extreme window cleaning'

Man goes 'extreme window cleaning'

Cleaning the windows is one of those annoying tasks that everyone has to do from time to time.

However, a man from Bath must have thought the activity needed to be livened up a bit, as a video has emerged of him being 40 ft up without a harness while wiping down the sills.

The guy, who has not been named, seemed to be enjoying his own extreme version of window cleaning and passers-by were left dumbstruck by the sight of him dangling on a ledge.

Bath Council is not too happy about the man's antics and released a statement saying: "We were shocked. We take health and safety extremely seriously."

It is not yet clear why the man decided to show such a gung-ho approach to his job, but it's safe to say he managed to turn what is usually a very boring pastime into something very interesting indeed.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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