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Man gets his head stuck in a bin

Man gets his head stuck in a bin

There is nothing worse than finding yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Apart from the shame associated with it, there is also the problem that people will generally be standing around laughing at you.

So spare a thought for a man from Aberdeen in Scotland, who managed to get his head stuck in a public bin.

Eventually the fire fighters had to be called in and an electric saw was used to cut him out.

A Grampian Police spokesman said: "We are unsure what he was looking for or what he had lost - and whether he found it."

I'm sure it was scary enough having your head stuck in a bin, but it could only be made worse by having loads of people hanging around looking at you.

The man had to be treated for slight facial injuries after being freed, but I'm sure the feeling of shame and embarrassment was hurting him more!

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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