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How to tell if he liked you

How to tell if he liked you

It can sometimes be difficult to tell how a guy feels about you. Guys are often discouraged from open displays of emotion or affection, and this means that some men are often difficult to read.

If you really like a guy, it can be difficult to initiative the first move, when you are unsure of his feelings towards you.

This is especially the case in a society where guys traditionally make the first move. But how do you tell whether a guy likes you and is just nervous or shy, as opposed to just not being that interested?

Indeed, how do you tell whether he actually likes you or just wants a night in the sack?

Well the truth is, there are no hard and fast rules, but there are a number of things he may do which could act as clues as to how he feels about you.

He makes a move

Ok, so this is perhaps the most obvious one of them all. However, making a move doesn't necessarily mean he'll declare his love for you at first sight.

When a guy likes someone, he will often try to reach out to them in some way. For example, he may strike up a conversation and generally find an excuse to talk to you.

If he really likes you, he'll generally think of something.

Body language

Body language can often tell you things that a conversation can't. When a guy is really into you, he will often mimic your body language and mirror what you are doing.

This happens on an unconscious level and is something that we all tend to do when we really like someone.

If he points his feet towards you or leans closer towards you when he is speaking to you, these are also good cues.

Another telltale sign is eye contact. If he maintains eye contact with you, or he often looks at you to gauge your reaction when he he speaks or tells a joke, then this is a sign that he cares about what you think and the impression that he is making on you.

Similarly, if you notice he smiles a lot more around you or behaves differently in your company, this is another sign that he likes you.

Remembers things about you

When we truly like someone and want to get to know them better, we often make more of an effort to remember even the small details of what someone has told us.

This is something we unconsciously do when we want to be around someone more. A guy who is disinterested in you, usually would not make an effort to remember any major details of conversations you have had.

However, if you find that he listens to what you say, asks a lot of questions and shows genuine interest in you, this can give you another clue as to how he feels about you.

When he is talking, is he giving his full attention to what you say, or does he look distracted or even bored?

Essentially, if he acts like you are the only person in his world, then this can only be a positive sign.

Tries to impress you

Another way that you can get a clue as to how he feels about you is whether he tries to impress you.

Does he tell you stories that make him seem macho, intelligent or adventurous? Does he take a keen interest in the things that you are interested in and even try to mirror them?

If that's the case, then it is a sure-fire sign he may have the hots for you.


If a guy acts in a very playful way around you or teases you aa little bit, then it is a sign that he is very comfortable around you, and may have feelings towards you.

Similarly, if he compliments you often, then you can take this as another possible clue


Of course none of these things taken individually represent hard and fast evidence as to his feelings about you.

However, if his body language, conversation and behaviour around you is different than it is with everyone else, then there may potentially be something more to his interaction with you than simply mere friendship.

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