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How to make yourself more interesting

How to make yourself more interesting

Most of us have characteristics which make us unique and interesting. However, the key to dating success is to develop and enhance those qualities, which help us to show off our best side.

Below, we have given some of our top tips to help you show off some of your better attributes and make yourself more interesting.

Prepare conversation topics

We have all had those awkward dates where neither person has anything to say at the table. It may not always be a sign of incompatibly because sometimes, the conversation naturally runs dry, particularly if you are in the company of someone you do not know very well.

To avoid these uncomfortable silences, it is a good idea to draw up a quick list of things to talk about before you go on your date.

Of course, you have to be flexible as what you will often find is that the conversation will flow more easily than you think, at least if you are prepared, you are more likely to feel confident.

Be sure to pick topics that you actually know about to avoid any gaffes!

Develop hobbies

Ok, so this is something you will need to do before the big day, but clearly, if you have very few hobbies or interests, then you are less likely to be interesting to a potential date. 

If you don't get out much, or you spend most of your spare time watching TV, then why not join a club or association?

There are a significant number of different websites such as Meetup or Citysocializer, which allow you to meet up with like-minded people and get involved in activities such as bowling or sports.

This will give you something to talk about when you do go on a date. 

Getting involved in new activities doesn't have to be expensive either. Joining a local walking group, heading to a museum or art gallery, or taking up drawing for example, are all low-cost ways to get into something new.

They may also help to inspire ideas for where to go on a date as well.

Pick a unique location

Unless your partner has a specific place in mind, it is always a good idea to have a unique location for a date.

Here, it is important to show originality as well as individuality. Rather than suggesting the same old pubs and clubs, why not do something a little more daring?

For example, heading to a karaoke bar, paintballing, or going on boat tours are all some of the more interesting ideas you may want to take up, if the mood should take you.

Educate yourself

You will ultimately seem much more interesting if you read a lot or can contribute to conversation.

Reading up on politics, current affairs, or even just knowing interesting facts and trivia, and having an opinion, means that you are more likely to engage a potential partner.

None of this has to be time consuming either. Watching the odd documentary, browsing through a local newspaper, reading a book here and there and staying up to date with current affairs are all ways in which you can educate yourself on what's going on in the world and will enrich your conversation.

Be more adventurous

Saying yes to new opportunities that come up, and documenting any interesting little trips or things that you come across, will ultimately mean you have more stories to share when you do go on a date.

It beats staying at home all day!

Be open minded

The most interesting people in the world are usually the most open-minded. If you are overly critical or judgmental, less opportunities will be available to you and it will make it harder for you to meet new people or get involved in engaging projects.

While there is nothing wrong with sticking to some of your normal routine, it is also good to explore things that may be unfamiliar or different to what you are used to.

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