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Help for Heroes to benefit from dance party

Help for Heroes to benefit from dance party

Ormskirk dance teacher Sarah Sharkey has helped raised more than £1,300 for Help for Heroes by throwing a dance party at O'Este.

According to the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser, Miss Sharkey came up with the idea for the party after thinking about the kind of charity event that would draw in big crowds.

She is engaged to lance corporal Simon Simm, who serves in the RAF, and told the newspaper she feels the event helped raise awareness of the plight faced by many soldiers when they return home after service.

"I'm very proud of Simon, I'm very proud of everyone in the forces," she added.

As well as dancing, food and drink, party attendees took part in a raffle, with prizes then auctioned off to raise even more cash.

Meanwhile, a sunbed shop worker from Ayrshire has recently taken up a post as the region's coordinator for the Help for Heroes charity, the Ayrshire Post revealed.

Posted by Simon Williams

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