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Get involved with charity this Christmas

Get involved with charity this Christmas

When you think of Christmas, your mind probably goes to Santa, family and giving presents. While popping gifts under the tree is a great way to show people you care about them, there are other types of giving you can do this season.

Charities always need help and support, but this time of year can be a lot busier, especially if they work with homeless or vulnerable people. This means that Christmas is a great time to get involved and do what you can to help some really worthwhile causes in whatever way you're able.

There are all sorts of opportunities for getting involved with charities and those you choose will be able to give you more information on what they need from people right now. However, there are some great tried and tested methods of getting involved that they will likely always welcome.

Here are some ways you can get involved with charities this Christmas and spread a bit of festive cheer to those who really need it:

Sponsor a Christmas event

One of the easiest ways to help charities out is with a sponsored event. Not only will this help raise money, it also gets people talking about the charity you choose and the amazing work they do.

There are all sorts of sponsored events you can take part in, whether you organise one yourself or do one that has been set up locally. Things like Santa runs, mince pie eating contests and fancy dress competitions are all a bit of fun, spread some cheer and can help you raise money.

If you can't take part in an event yourself then sponsor someone else and give money to the charity they are supporting. Every little really does help and you'll get them that bit closer to their goal.

Start a collection

Many charities don't just need monetary donations at this time of year and may be asking for help in the form of collections. This can be items for the homeless - such as clothing - toys for little ones or food parcels, all of which are things many of us take for granted when Christmas comes around.

Whether you're packing up Christmas gifts for a charity or simply helping to keep people warm now the weather's getting colder, arranging a collection in your area can make a big difference. Even getting your family involved will likely mean you get a few good parcels to send off and you could end up creating a new tradition.

You could also use social media or local groups to organise something, which will also spread the word about your chosen charity, as well as get more people involved.

Give donation gifts

Rather than giving gifts this year, why not give charitable donations in the names of the people you usually buy for? You can print out a certificate or write in a card what you have done, which will help them think about how important giving to charity is.

While they may have been expecting a physical present, this could work out even better as it really shows that you've put thought into the process, especially if you give their donation to a charity that is close to their heart.

Stay involved all year

Of course, charity isn't just for Christmas, so the best way you can get involved is to donate and help for the rest of the year as well as December. Charities need ongoing help and support, so do what you can when you can to make donations more than just a Christmas thing.

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