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German man spends £100,000 on fighter jet for rooftop

German man spends £100,000 on fighter jet for rooftop

A businessman in Germany has spent more than £100,000 on buying a fighter jet and having it positioned on the top of his factory in Stuttgart.

Hartmut Rehorsch invested in the German air force fighter plane with the intention of placing it on the roof of his welding equipment company's factory.

However, it has not gone down well with everybody, as some local residents have complained it is a blot on the landscape and entirely unattractive.

District director Jurgen Horrmann is quoted by Metro as saying: "We have often fought with Mr Rehorsch over such things. This is a pure demonstration of power by Mr Rehorsch and he wants to show us that he can do what he wants."

There is also some confusion over whether he requires planning approval for the display of the jet.

Mr Rehorsch has suggested that by investing in the aircraft, he is paying tribute to all of the deceased pilots from Germany's past.

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