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Fewer young people in relationships are 'Facebook official'

Fewer young people in relationships are 'Facebook official'

In a tech-savvy generation, where it's deemed acceptable to post 'selfies' and photos of your breakfast on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, new research has revealed that 43 per cent of young people in relationships wouldn't actually brandish their status on Facebook.

The survey of 80,000 people, conducted by Buzzfeed, looked at attitudes towards social media and relationships. Of the respondents, 75 per cent were aged between 19 and 29, while 14 per cent were between 14 and 18 years old and 11 per cent were aged 30 or over.

It was revealed that 60 per cent of people described putting a relationship status on Facebook as "nerdy" and said they wouldn't take offence if their partner didn't want to make their relationship "Facebook official".

When asked 'how long into a relationship do you change your status?', 34 per cent of respondents replied "ew, never", while 41 per cent revealed they wouldn't change it even if their relationship was serious.

Reasons for not showing a relationship status included: wanting to keep it from certain people, the partner not wanting to, and because it is "cheesy".

And the figures didn't just highlight the attitudes of those in relationships, as 68 per cent of single people said they wouldn't advertise if they were single or not on their Facebook page.

However, the survey did reveal that not all respondents turned their noses up at changing their relationship on social media. Some 31 per cent believe it is an important step in a healthy relationship, while 26 per cent of singletons said they would do it if they had somebody to date.

Interestingly, 39 per cent of respondents admitted to adding a "fake" marriage to their friend on Facebook.

But regardless of whether or not people are becoming Facebook official, many love interests are met online. Past surveys have revealed that one-third of couples in the US met their partner on the web, while six million Brits use internet dating.

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