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Ex-NYPD 'cannibal cop' looking for love

Ex-NYPD 'cannibal cop' looking for love

Gilberto Valle, the ex-NYPD cop convicted for planning to cook and eat his former wife, is free and looking for love online.

According to the New York Post, Mr Valle's dating profile tells potential matches that he wants to meet a woman who is "non-judgemental" and who's "a little kinky".

He has recently been released after his conviction was overturned by Judge Paul Gardephe due to insufficient evidence that he indeed intended to cook and eat his wife. The judge ruled that the plot was nothing more than a bizarre fantasy, rather than a real scheme to murder Kathleen Mangan. 

Under the handle 'AmicableOne14', the 30-year-old ex-police officer, who may be free but cannot return to the force, describes himself as a big foodie looking to meet a woman between the ages of 24 and 32 who enjoys cooking, wine tasting and going out for dinner. 

Describing his ideal date, Mr Valle wrote: "You appreciate the simple things and can make the best out of a situation that is less than ideal."

The unusual circumstances he is alluding to could be the fact that he's legally under the supervision of this mother, Elizabeth Valle, and is restricted by a curfew - a situation that would be hard to cope with, even without his 'cannibal cop' name tag.

He added: "You’re non-judgmental. You can generally see the good in people and you are kind and generous . . . You appreciate and laugh at bad jokes. If this is you, let’s get a cup of coffee."

Although Mr Valle describes himself as divorced and a father of one, he fails to mention that he imagined cooking and eating her, causing her to flee to the police out of fear - something that would probably be off-putting to many potential suitors. 

According to the disgraced ex-cop, he would love to embark on a cross-country drive, see Jerry Seinfeld perform stand-up and go to a live Hell's Kitchen dinner service. 

He does admit that he is somewhat of an acquired taste, writing: "I am spending my energy rebounding from the errors I made in my past and rebuilding my life. Things are progressing very well on that front, and I am just beginning a new career."

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