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Duo claim to be 'world's best-looking couple'

Duo claim to be 'world's best-looking couple'

Las Vegas duo Buck and Michelle Miller claim that they are the world's best-looking couple, and spend almost £50,000 a year to keep it that way.

According to the Mirror, the husband and wife spend an exorbitant amount on gym memberships and trips to beauty and tanning salons - all to ensure they stay buff, brown and manicured.

The married couple - who met at a bodybuilding competition - are also their own biggest fans, as their home is covered in pictures of themselves and mirrors to ensure they are looking good every moment of the day.

They eat six meals in a single day, which they claim are nutritionally balanced with "scientific" rigidity.

Buck, a 27-year-old amateur bodybuilder believes that he and Michelle are the US's best-looking couple.

"That's a fact, hands down," he added, suggesting that he hasn't recently looked up the word 'fact'.

The avid gym-bunny has admitting that he is unable to walk past a mirror without losing himself in his own reflection.

Buck and Michelle even employ a person to assist them with their poses for bodybuilding competitions and claim that passers-by can't help but stare at their magnificence.

Michelle, a 33-year-old nutritionist born in Canada, has even gone under the knife to ensure every part of her body matches her ideal, including her bust.

Of the surgery, she said: "It has helped me keep my femininity. I can still have muscles and be sexy."

The duo claim they cannot even walk down the street without being hounded by the public, all wanting to know how they too can have the body of Adonis. But don't call these two vain, whatever you do.

Buck employs his own special technique to silence the naysayers. If someone dares accuse him of being vain, he simply whips his shirt off and asks them to do the same and try to call him vain again.  

However, he failed to mention what happens if this scenario arises.

The couple also wander around their house in just their underwear, allowing them to look at themselves, and each other obviously, to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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