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Couple tear house down in search of beeping noise

Couple tear house down in search of beeping noise

There is nothing worse than sitting in the house and not being able to work out where a constant beeping noise is coming from.

It really gets on your nerves and pretty soon, it'll drive you up the wall.

Now imagine having to go through this every day for a year. This is what happened to Paul and Jeanette Henry, who ended up ripping their house apart in an effort to get to the bottom of the noise.

As well as calling in an electrician to test the cables, they paid a builder to make a series of holes in the house in the hope they would find the source.

Eventually, Mr Henry - who admits he was at his wits end - found a smoke alarm with a ten-year old battery in it.

"To think we have put up with this for a year when it has been there all along," said Mrs Henry. "At least it has stopped at last."

Posted by Trevor Smith

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