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Couple stuck in unlocked cupboard for two days

Couple stuck in unlocked cupboard for two days

Earlier this week, it was reported that a woman in the UK had to be saved by firefighters after she became trapped in the cupboard under the stairs at home when her one-year-old daughter locked the door on her. 

However, while that story was quite strange, it has been trumped by an even more outlandish tale. According to reports from Daytona, Florida, a couple were arrested after they broke into the city's Environmental Science Cente. The odd part? They were found after calling police when they became locked in a cupboard which had actually been open the whole time. 

Amber Campbell, 25, and John Arwood, 31 broke into the centre and found a free closet, which happened to be the janitor's cupboard, where they planned to smoke crystal meth and crack cocaine. 

In their rather intoxicated state, the couple found that they could not escape their self-imposed prison, even though the door was not actually locked. For two whole days, they tried in vain to find the way to freedom, before they eventually decided to call the police to come and rescue them. 

Police were alerted to their whereabouts by the smell at the centre, and they freed the couple from the cupboard shortly after. Confused officers could not even find a way to lock the door, and reported that they were unable to ascertain why the couple even thought they were trapped. 

The unfortunate pair were not able to enjoy their new-found freedom for long, though, as just moments after they were released, they were arrested for trespassing. One thing's for sure, when they get to their new temporary accommodation, they definitely will be locked in for real. 

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