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Choose 'the right photo' for online dating profile

Choose 'the right photo' for online dating profile

People should put some time into choosing the right photo for their online profile.

When single individuals decide to use the web to find love, they should not be afraid to spend a lot of time perfecting their profile.

And the all-important picture is one area that everyone needs advice with.

Body language expert Allan Pease, speaking to the West Australian, said a person should always ask someone from the opposite sex to look at the picture they are going to use.

"It's very hard to be objective about yourself. We have a tendency to impose limitations on our own photos," he added.

Mr Pease stated other people could have a different opinion on some snaps.

As well as getting the picture right, time and effort should go into creating the message, as this should be error free and reflective of the kind of personality that the owner of it has. 

Posted by Samantha Thompson

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