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China 'removes world's most confusing traffic lights'

China 'removes world's most confusing traffic lights'

A junction in China that is home to the world's most confusing traffic lights has finally been modified so that the commands are clearer to drivers.

Some 14 different lights were in position at the Yangrenjie Theme Park in Chongqing, making for an incredibly tricky situation for motorists, reports Metro.

An official had previously claimed: "They are just for decoration because the junction looked bare. They look very pretty at night but drivers should just ignore them."

Now, it will be easier than ever to cross the junction, as the traffic lights have been taken down and vehicles will rely on alternative signals for making a safe journey.

While they were in use, the lights flashed different colours at the same time, making it impossible for drivers to know whether they should proceed or not.

Thankfully, it seems such a dangerous prospect has been ditched and motorists can now cross the junction safely.

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