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Cheerleader completes 35 back flips in 30 seconds

Cheerleader completes 35 back flips in 30 seconds

How many back flips do you think you could do in 30 seconds?

For most people, I'd imagine the standard answer would be that they would struggle to complete one.

However, 16-year-old US cheerleader Miranda Ferguson has proved she has quite the talent for the manoeuvre, as she managed to cram 35 back flips into this short time period.

Her incredible performance was good enough to get her into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Speaking to Fox News, Ms Ferguson said: "I'm extremely excited, but also really relieved. I was really nervous that if I did one more that I was just going to fall."

She added that although her head wasn't too sore after taking part, her back is hurting after having to tumble backwards so many times.

It's a remarkable achievement, although it's not the kind of record I'd like to try and break, because the only thing breaking would be bones!

Posted by Trevor Smith

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