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Blank space: You really need a profile picture

Blank space: You really need a profile picture

So you've got the perfect username, you've written a great introduction that is filled with personality, what more does your online profile need? The answer is some kind of profile picture.

Everything about your profile could be absolutely perfect, but if you don't have a photo on there too, it can instantly put people off messaging you. While you'd ideally use a recent photo of your face - avoid body shots that don't have a head as these also put people off - there may be a valid reason why you can't include one, such as for safety reasons related to your job.

However, this doesn't mean you should just leave the space blank. Instead, use a photo that gives some insight into your personality. You can then always send someone a photo of you privately if you feel safer doing so, but at least they can see there is a person behind the profile.

If you're still not convinced that you need to bother with a picture, here's some of the main reasons you really need to:

People are more likely to message you

Not having a profile picture is one of the biggest things that puts people off sending you a message or responding to one you've sent them. It makes others wary of your profile and reluctant to chat in case you're not a real profile.

With so many horror stories around meeting people online, you can't really blame people for being careful, but if you really want to talk to others, it can be disheartening for you. Even putting up a picture of your pet can make all the difference - especially if you say in your profile why you can't put an image of your face online.

You won't get skipped over as much

When people are scrolling through sites trying to find someone to talk to, more often than not they just skip profiles without photos automatically. This means they won't even read that perfect profile you wrote to see what a great person you are, as they'll just see that you don't have a photo and move on swiftly.

Having a photo means that people with pay your profile more attention than just a cursory glance. It will increase the number of people who read your description and ultimately mean you get more messages.

Shows you're not a fake profile

The main thing people think when they see a profile without a picture is that it could be fake, especially if the description seems too good to be true. A profile picture injects personality and puts a face to the username, helping people feel more secure. 

Not only could this mean more people message you, you'll likely get more replies to the messages you send, helping you to meet people and get conversations going. This means you have a better chance of making a connection, whether for friendship or romance.

Completes your profile

Your profile picture is essentially the cherry on top when it comes to creating a well-rounded profile. We give different categories for you to complete when you join Forces Penpals as these are the things people want to know before they message you. 

It is best to fill each section in to ensure people are able to get a good idea of who you are and whether it is worth their time messaging you. This means you should fill everything in, including the blank space where your profile picture goes.

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