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Armed police officers raid haunted cafe

Armed police officers raid haunted cafe

Armed police officers stormed a cafe in Louth, Lincolnshire, in search of a burglar only to discover it was a ghost, it has been reported.

Michael Bristow had contacted the officers after spotting a shadowy figure lurking around in their cafe.

The police officers rushed into the building with tasers in search of the figure that was spotted on the CCTV footage.

Mr Bristow examined the footage again, and after noticing the figure there a second time has concluded his coffee house must be haunted.

He explained that some of the staff members who work in his shop have had strange experiences.

Mr Bristow, a father of three, said: "The CCTV infrared sensors detected movement so something strange is going on. I've looked at it several times on a larger screen and there are dark figures in the room and strange movements.

"It appears to show an average height figure wearing a t-shirt walking out of shot and a ripple appears on the camera. When police arrived they found no burglar and no sign of a forced entry. Nothing was stolen and nothing was disturbed, the police told me it must have been a ghost."

Sarah Clapson, 29, has worked at the cafe for two years. She has claimed that she 'often senses' things on the landing, along with other guests who also say that they have seen things go bump in the night.

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police said: "The owner of the coffee shop reported seeing a blur on the CCTV.

"The place was extensively checked and there was no sign of a break-in or suspicious activity, so it has been classed as a false alarm. Looks like a ghost after all."

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