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5 gifts any military man will love this Valentine’s Day

5 gifts any military man will love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day could be a nice break for your military man, and it’s right around the corner so you best prepare. There is nothing like the love of a partner back home that keeps military personnel going, so make sure you make this February 14 special for you and your loved one!

Go the traditional route

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And when someone has been deployed for a while, love will truly be in the air when they get a break from typical military food. Find a box of their favourites – some of us like dark chocolate while others settle for a caramel touch. But don’t stop at chocolate! Really think about what your special someone would prefer biting into. Make sure you aren’t picking up any perishable items if you choose to do this. Something to look forward to While you may not be able to send them their favourite whiskey to set the mood, you can give them something to look forward to. We love this bulletproof whiskey shot glass, which comes with its own bullet! The good people at Ben Shot know exactly how to keep men interested. Your fierce warrior will go crazy for this token of love! He will be able to use it during deployment, and trust us, he won’t be able to wait before he can share a glass once he’s home!

Love notes

This is an obvious gift if we are being honest. Days such as this one can make a man feel extremely lonely. What better way to envelop them in a blanket of love then sending them notes? Make a list of 14 things you miss about them and send it over. Or if you want to instead focus on the future, then make a list of 14 things you will be doing together once they come home! The idea here is to make something yourself, so you can even step up and create something more special with your pictures, memories, etc. Keep it creative and you will be fine.

Send them gear

Not fighting gear. But look for jackets, bags, watches, and more, that they can use in the field. Just because they are fighting a war doesn’t mean they can’t have nice things. Look for items that will help them in the field instead of hindering them. For example, if you are looking for a watch, make sure it does more than just tell time! We love this Night Gears Luminox watch, which hits all the right notes.

Do something unique

We love ideas such as storychips that let you link videos, photos, and more onto a simple sticker. You can slap the sticker onto any gift you want or even add it to a letter. This way you can fit so much more into your present. Think of the books they would like or music they could be introduced you – or even a video of you expressing your love. You can choose to get the content to self-destruct or even add a layer of security. Worried about boudoir pictures? You won’t have to with this!

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