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'Put your best foot forward' when online dating

'Put your best foot forward' when online dating

Single soldiers eager to find love via the internet need to put in a little effort when it comes to online dating.

This is because Ewa Grzybek on has suggested people should put their best foot forward in order to be successful through the medium.

The expert said this can mean initiating a conversation with somebody over the web - and people always have the option to stop talking should they start to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

She explained: "In all, it takes a little work on your part, but you can find love through online dating sites."

Singletons just need to be willing to put themselves out there and be bold enough to take the first step, Ms Grzybek added.

In a recent article for One India, Denise Baptiste advised those entering the world of online dating to just be themselves and refrain from outlandish boasting, as this can act as a real turn-off.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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