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'Don't be too shy' to give online dating a try

'Don't be too shy' to give online dating a try

Single soldiers in search of romance should not be afraid to admit their true feelings and turn to online dating to find a prospective partner.

In response to a letter from a reader, who claims she is too embarrassed to look for love, agony aunt Meredith Goldstein suggested people should not be scared to open up about their problems and give internet courtship a go.

The relationship expert recommended: "Start dropping hints to friends that you want to date. Big hints. Maybe go on more online dates."

She explained it can often be difficult to meet up with people through everyday life and individuals need to accept that they may not have the luxury of getting to know someone well before dating them.

In a recent article for, Alison Bowen suggested the web could be the ideal place for singletons to locate a possible date in time for Valentine's Day, which is just around the corner.

Posted by Mark Wilkins

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